Saturday afternoons.  12.00 to 4.00pm.  Subject to weather. Please check our website

'Not your traditional BBQ!

Includes a range of our own smoked meats & fish, 'House' breads & relishes,

Plus a range of homemade cakes to complete your meal.

SAMPLE BBQ MENU  (Menu changes regularly to reflect seasonal availability)


Marinated leg of lamb, pomegranate & mint cous cous salad,            12.00

charred onion yogurt dressing


Charred curried chicken thighs, coronation salad,                             10.00

homemade onion seed flatbread


Roasted sweet potato, charred peppers & Haloumi, salsa Verdi            9.00


Sweet & savoury vegan kebab, spicy avocado dressing, rocket salad    9.00


Tex-Mex brisket burger, spicy avocado dressing,                               12.00       

griddled beef tomato with French fries


‘Our own’ smoked organic Scottish salmon, pad chai salad,                12.00

Peanut dressing


Children’s brisket burger & French fries   6.00


Children’s hot dog & fries   6.00



French fries      3.25

French fries, cheese sauce   3.65

French fries, cheese sauce, bacon bits  3.95

'Just turn up'  No booking required